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Recombant Media Lab. San Francisco. December 16, 2006

Nervous Gender is invited to premier a video of the Febuary 1980 Whiskey A Go-Go performance filmed by Michael Intriere.



If you're a fan of transgender Genesis, as in P-Orridge, and you don't have the time or funds to fly out to London on a whim, then your chance has finally arrived to witness Throbbing Gristle's first concert in 23 years. The concert movie RE-TG -- at the Astoria Theater, London, 2004 receives its West Coast premiere as part of the Industrial Culture Film Festival's first installment, an event that also includes a sure-to-be-prickly film of skin piercer and flash stretcher extraordinaire Fakir Musafar and a panel discussion including V. Vale. No doubt about it -- the heyday of RE: Search is experiencing a revival here. Myself, I'm curious to see the program's rare 1980 concert footage of Nervous Gender, who put the word queer next to the words synth and punk before just about anyone else. One of the LA group's songs was titled "Sometimes I Feel Like Smashing My Face Through a Plate Glass Window." I can relate.

Huston - San Francisco Bay Guardian



The term industrial has been whacked around so much over the years that its pretty much lost all meaning; seems every Nine Inch Knockoff with stark imagery and a drum machine gets tagged with the descriptor these days. But so-called industrial culture does have an important and vital legacy that merits revisiting, and the folks at do just that with the Industrial Culture Film Festival, which features three films and a panel discussion with local publisher V. Vale and musician/art-terrorist Monte Cazazza.

Nervous Gender: Live at the Whiskey, Hollywood, CA 28-Feb-1980 showcases one of the first electro-punk bands, Los Angeles' Nervous Gender, which was founded in 1978 and existed in various incarnations until 1991. Abrasive and transgressive, the group used early synthesizers, homemade percussion, and haranguing vocal incantations to create a harrowing sound. In 1980, when the film was made, Nervous Gender was four guys on synthesizer and vocals, plus 8-year-old (!) Sven Pfeiffer on drums. With song titles like "I Hate My Parents" and "Castration," you can imagine where this one goes. As wrote in a review of the Whiskey show, "Nervous Gender is not for lightweights, but neither is life."

Mike Rowell - SF Weekly


"Forgive us Father, it has been 16 years since our last confession..."

Nervous Gender at the Cocaine - July 21st 2007


LA Weekly Go for Saturday

By L.A. Weekly Music Staff
GO Saturday July 21st
Nervous Gender at the Cocaine

The early punk pioneers came up with their own set of musical rules that were ultimately just as limiting as the hippies' classic-rock formulas, so it was exciting when L.A. synth-punk saboteurs like the Screamers and Nervous Gender challenged the primacy of the guitar in the late '70s. Unlike the many techno and synth-punk bands that followed in their wake, Nervous Gender used their synthesizers as aggressive noise weapons instead of merely providing a lulling dance-floor soundtrack. Over the years, Nervous Gender's lineups have featured Phranc and various folks from 45 Grave and Wall of Voodoo, but the key members were Gerardo Velasquez, Edward Stapleton and Michael Ochoa. Nervous Gender haven't performed their anti-religious rants and sexual-identity anthems since 1991, a year before Velasquez died of AIDS, but now Ochoa and Stapleton have reconfigured their Gender with Joe Zinnato. Recent demos like "Cardinal Newman 2007" and the George Bush–sampling/savaging workout "Andy's Song" update the malicious subversion of such early tracks as "Do the Gestalt." - (Falling James)


Nervous Gender at Part Time Punks - December 2nd, 2007


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Nervous Gender at Bats Over Broadway - January 4th, 2008

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Nervous Gender at MUTANT TRANSMISSIONS FESTVAL - March 21st, 2008


Nervous Gender @ M-R-X - May 3, 2008

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Excerpt from Nervous Gender: The complete encyclopedia

"Historians have long agreed on the import of the Nervous Gender appearance held on May 3rd, 2008 at MRX. The only thing in question is whether the consequences were ultimately miraculous or devastating, depending on your point of view.

Due to the incoherence of the witnesses, conflicting reports in the press, and surprising silence of those involved, the details have never been made clear. More surprising is that, for a band that compulsively archived their activities, little documentation remains. Ironically, promos for the show asked for us to "join the people who joined the future." Would that it were so.

There are only two quotes on record regarding the show, both made by the promoters. Tony, when caught off guard, muttered "Pearls before swine" and Job, evidently throughout the years, told everyone who would listen that it was "fabulous." By all reports, with tears in his eyes.

What is known is that in their final interview before the show, Nervous Gender was quoted as saying they were tired of people not hating them.

The complete interview can be found here

Interview with Nervous Gender in the newest issue of New Angeles Magazine

The Wages of Synth A Q-&-A with one of L.A.’s most original punk bands, Nervous Gender (the full interview)


The Scene Bar, Glendale CA - January 2nd, 2009


Part Time Punks - Echo Park - August 2nd, 2009





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