Nervous Gender member sites

NERVOUS GENDER MYSPACE PAGE - Maintained by Nervous Eddie Stapleton

Phranc - The "all-American Jewish lesbian folksinger" - Original Nervous Gender founding member. Her official website.

Kali's Thugs - Edward Stapleton's current project

GOBSCHIET - Edward's Gobschiet page

High Heel Tit Wig - Michael Ochoa & Joe Zinnato's post Nervous Gender project

Nervous Gender Related

Synthpunk - Ramsey's Synthpunk site. Nervous Gender, Screamers, Our Daughter's Wedding, Tone Set, Units, Voice Farm. Recommended!

Nervous Gender at Wikipedia - online encyclopedia Nervous Gender page - Nervous Gender profile

Exploding Plastic - Electronica and dance music online mag - Nervous Gender artist profile

Links of interest

Alice Bag official web site - Alice sang on Alice's $ong on the "Music from Hell" album. To us, she is L.A.'s true punk godess. We love her. Always have, always will.

The Human Hands - Played many shows with Nervous Gender in 1979 and beyond

Cult With No Name - "Post Punk Electronic Balladeers". Weekly obscure post-punk music reviews including the "Music From Hell" lp.


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